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Promi-Fertil Boron 15%


EC FERTILISER - Boron ethanol amine

Declared content (%w/w):

10,9% Water-soluble Boron (B)

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Liquid fertiliser with boron complexed with ethanolamine, totally soluble in water and with rapid foliar and root absorption. Its use is recommended as a preventive and as a corrector during the stages of increased metabolic activity.

Appearance = Transparent liquid
pH (10% solution) = 8.5
Density = 1.37 g/ml

Apply following agronomic advice, based on analysis of soils and young leaves. The dosage range can be quite broad, depending on the degree of boron deficiency. It is recommended to make 1 to 3 applications per cycle depending on the crop, from the moment in which the plant has sufficient foliar mass and until prefloration. Do not use during flowering. Wait between 14 and 21 days between each application. The generic foliar dose is 300-600 ml / hl, to be used according to technical criteria and deficit. The doses to be used per application are the following:



   Horticultural 300-400 ml/hl every 30 days 5-7 l/ha
   Olive 250-650 ml/hl, 20-30 days before flowering and after flowering 5-10 l/ha
   Citric 200-300 ml/hl 3,5-5 l/ha
   Fruit tree 200-300 ml/hl 3,5-5 l/ha
   Vine 200-300 ml/hl 3,5-5 l/ha
  Nursiery 150-250 ml/hl 2,5-3,5 l/ha
   Alfalfa 1,5-3,5 l/ha after each cut (100 l water/ha) ---
   Sunflower 650 g/hl and expense of 7-12 l/ha ---
   Cotton 650 g/hl and expense of 7-12 l/ha ---
   Beet 650 g/hl and expense of 7-12 l/ha ---
   Colza 650 g/hl and expense of 7-12 l/ha ---
 Ornamental 0,8-2,5 l/ha ---
   Extensive  0,8-2,5 l/ha ---

Note: These recommendations are general and indicative, and must be adapted by a qualified technician based on agronomic and edaphoclimatic factors.

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