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Cytolan Star


Declared content (%w/w):

20% Seaweed extract
24% Free amino acids
10% Nitrógen (N)
10% Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)
10% Potassium Oxide (K2O)

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CYTOLAN STAR contains 20% extracts of brown seaweed (Class Phaeophyceae) of the species Ascophyllum nodosum. Brown algae are rich in components with "bioactive" properties, such as certain polysaccharides (laminarin, alginates and fucans), certain proteins, lipids, polyphenols, cytokinins and gibberalins. These components have "bioactive" properties, such as antioxidant properties and positive effects on the physiology of crops. For this reason, brown seaweed is a raw material of high interest in the fertilizer industry and biostimulant compounds in agriculture.

- Fruit trees, vine and horticultural: Perform 2 to 3 applications throughout the cycle at intervals of 20-30 days from fruit setting at a rate of 75 g / hl (foliar) or 1-1.5 kg / ha (fertirrigation).

- Citrus: Perform 2 to 3 applications at intervals of 20-30 days from the setting of the first fruits at a rate of 100-150 g / hl (foliar) or 2-3 kg / ha (fertigation).

- Extensive crops (cotton, alfalfa, corn, etc.): Perform 2 to 3 applications at intervals of 20 to 30 days at times of maximum demand for nutrients at a rate of 1-2 kg / ha (full coverage).

Note: These recommendations are general and indicative, and must be adapted by a qualified technician based on agronomic and edaphoclimatic factors.

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