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Bio-Promi-Ferro WG


EC FERTILISER - Iron chelated

Declared content (%w/w):

6% Water-soluble Iron (Fe)
3,5% Chelated Iron (Fe) by (o,o) EDDHA
pH range for which a acceptable stability of the chelated fraction is guaranteed: 4-11





Fertilizer usable in EU organic farming according to Regulation (EC) Nº 834/2007

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The application of BIO-PROMI-FERRO WG is recommended for the prevention and correction of iron deficiencies, especially in those agronomic conditions where iron is found in forms that are scarcely available for crops, and, above all, in those crops that are more susceptible to the shortcomings of this element.

It is recommended to apply BIO-PROMI-FERRO WG at a dose of 5-10 kg / ha through any irrigation system.
Note: These recommendations are general and indicative, and must be adapted by a qualified technician based on agronomic and edaphoclimatic factors.
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