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Omega System Zn


Declared content (%w/w):

3% Total Nitrogen (N)
3% Ureic Nitrogen (N)
34,5% Water-soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)
6% Water-soluble Zinc (Zn)
Phosphorus in the form of phosphite
Incorporates phyto-fortifying components




Product only for export, not suitable for sale as a fertilizer product in the EU

Pictures in Omega System Zn

With OMEGA SYSTEM Zn we induce the natural resistance mechanisms of plants against pathogens before the arrival of any pathogen and we make the crops much more resistant to diseases. When a few drops of OMEGA SYSTEM Zn are applied to the leaves or any other part of a plant, an immediate response, called hypersensitive response, is induced in the parts of the plant that have received the product. After a few hours, the effects of the product influence the entire plant.

In situations of risk of fungal infections or environmental stress, we recommend carrying out 1 to 3 applications of OMEGA SYSTEM Zn per culture cycle at a rate of 150-200 ml / hl per foliar route and from 2 to 4 applications per crop cycle at a rate 3-5 l / ha through the root canal.

Note: These recommendations are general and indicative, and must be adapted by a qualified technician based on agronomic and edaphoclimatic factors.

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